Having some difficulties with my site!

I am trying not to lose my sense of humour!

But as you can see my website has kinda disappeared! It’s a long story! If you want info about my classes in the next couple of days as I figure this *&@%@$ out…send me an email yoga

but here is a quick way to see some things!! It will have to due for now!

mama baby

toddler yoga

pregnancy yoga

outdoor yoga

thursday night zoom

Monday night in person

Sending you all love!

Chantalle xo

Wish me luck in the humour department! xoxoxo

almost two years of zooming

Oh my goodness! It amazes me that two wild years of zoom yoga are almost upon us! I am planning an in person outdoor yoga gathering to celebrate all this zoom yoga! And I will plan something over zoom too, because I know that not everyone can gather in person. More details soon!

My deepest gratitude goes out to all the students who have come and explored yoga with me over these last two years! I have fallen in love with the platform! I am so grateful for what it has allowed us to do. We gather. We move! Repeat! We gather. We move! We laugh! We repeat! And all from home!

My deepest gratitude that you continue to come and explore yoga with me in the early mornings and evenings from home! What a gift!

so much love, Chantalle xo

how many months has it been now?

I certainly didn’t think I would be here teaching yoga from my laptop (AND LOVING IT by the way) and planning on teaching more classes from my laptop!! It is amazing how we can shift and change. I have spent the last two years in daily morning meditations, and they have really served to help me navigate these last months (how many now?) of covid style living. My daily practices over the last five months have really helped me be with all the changes and all the fear and uncertainly swirling around in the world and in my own head sometimes. My yoga and my meditation have helped me to settle my nervous system and allowed me to enjoy myself during these times. I have been able to access much joy in me. I believe that Joy can be such a radical practice. And I would love to share some joy, through movement, with you.

So join me for some yoga.

Right now I know for sure that I am offering online classes. Morning yoga in August! And what about my 30 yoga journey in September? I will also have a Thursday evening registered zoom class.

I am uncertain about in person classes this Fall because I do not know if I can rent out Flo or the Church. So this is a wait and see game! But I promise to keep you posted!

I am sending you so much love and joy right now. I hope you are finding ways to feel your awesomeness and share your awesomeness with the world. We need more awesome out there! You are already awesome inside, but might not fully know it yet though! So let’s continue to learning how awesome we are and how we can choose to be in the world. Especially now.

Meet me on the mat from your living room, backyard, cottage dock, front porch, or wherever you might be finding a place to roll out your mat! Let’s explore movement and joy! Let’s release what no longer serves us to free up SPACE for new awesomeness!

xo Big big deep summer love, Chantalle

staying home yoga

It has been two weeks since I started teaching my Zoom yoga classes from home. What wild times we are living! The online teaching has been a mixture of super fun, kinda weird and truly wonderful all at the same time. I love chatting with people and I love teaching yoga, so that has been no different. The weird part is teaching to a screen. I can see people (usually well if the connection is good) moving with me, but because it’s best if everyone else’s sound is off, I teach to a quiet screen. And the quiet is kinda weird. Like did they laugh at that joke? Are they still breathing in this pose? I can’t see people’s facial expressions well and I realize how much I am usually reading people as I teach. Not so easy to do on zoom! But none the less I would say that my overall experience has been wonderful.

The Zoom classes have surprised me with some extra sweet gifts. The benefit of not being location specific is that people have been joining from across Canada and even from Switzerland. Isn’t that amazing? I have seen old friends from high school and University at these classes. It has been so wonderful to connect with people and laugh and move and rest. I am very grateful for this platform to be able to continue to offer what I love so very much: YOGA!!!!

And although I miss my in person classes very much, this time away has helped me appreciate how much I enjoy gathering with others. I definitely took being able to go out and teach yoga for granted. This time away also highlights for me the magic of coming together. And it has shown me that we can be adaptive. Because I have definitely felt the magic through the screen. And I have been very inspired by how my students, old and new, younger or older have adapted to using this platform and played so openly with me these past weeks!

During this adaptive time I will continue to teach Zoom classes!

You can find this week’s schedule here. Please help me spread the word! I am rethinking my schedule for April so if you have any feedback please let me know! I am open to suggestions. I have noticed that so far the most attended classes are in the evenings. What is your time preference? I will also be keeping a zoom class or two on my schedule even after we can meet up in person! That’s something new too!

I wanted to highlight that you don’t need a perfect anything to zoom with me. No perfect home, no perfect device, no perfect outfit nor body. You can come exactly as you are. Messy hair, smelly pits, messy room, cranky body. Whatever! That is how yoga works best: when we come as we are! You need only room for your body to move and stretch. Comfortable clothes work well!

Come move with me. I think we need some yoga right now. Or some kind of movement (if yoga isn’t your thing) and togetherness. I think it would do us good to support ourselves to calm our nervous systems. We can find our centres. We can breathe through this. We can!

Deep blessings to you as we journey into new places, as we face our fears, as we open our hearts. May you feel the deep strength that lives within.

xo Chantalle

classes postponed

Hello sweet people! Due to the uncertainly of gathering due to Covit-19 I have decided to exercise caution and push off the start dates for my (in class) Spring session until the beginning of April. And I am postponing Monday night drop in yoga at the Church for a few weeks also.

However! We can still get together via ZOOM! It is a video messaging app where we can do yoga together from home!

I am going to work out the details today and I hope to be ready tomorrow Monday March 16 at 7pm to do some yoga with you!!!!

I am offering my other classes through zoom as well beginning March 25. Email me for details. yogachantalle@gmail.com

Here is a photo of a cute baby to make you smile!!!


New session begins soon

I definitely have a sunrise in my heart. Many sunrises! It really strikes me right now how long I have been teaching. 24 years. Almost. It was November 1995 that I did my first yoga teacher training at Kripalu. I was 21. It was a beautiful and transformational experience. I have taught a lot of yoga classes since then. Yoga has been such an important part of my life. It has really helped me grow and heal and be. And I am so pleased to say that I still love teaching it. And I still love practicing it. So thank you for having me teach you. It is an honour and a blessing.

Deep gratitude

This is me. I am feeling very blessed.

I have spent the past 10 months teaching yoga to so many amazing people. Thank you!!! You know who you are!

My classes really range in age. Very young people. (in the womb kinda young). To much older than that people. Basically from 0-70 (ish). Lovely lovely people beautiful people. And I am so thankful. I love yoga. And laughing. And sharing the combination with you.

I am about to take my summer holidays. So here are a few images of some of the classes I have had the pleasure of teaching. Next year I’ll attempt to take a few photos of my adult classes too!!! Cause clearly I have a thing for taking the photos with the babies!! And from these you wouldn’t know that I have other classes too!

I look forward to September to begin it all again. So much so that my fall schedule is already up and ready to see!!!!

post yoga smoothie drinking and selfie taking!

Big big love

Happy summer adventures. May you enjoy some beaches, some yummy treats, and some quality time with people you love.

Chantalle xo

No email gone… New email is here!!!

Long story. Short story.

Something happened to my email provider. I don’t know what. No warning. No news. No apology.

And so the email I have been using for 20 years doesn’t work anymore. BOO!!!!!!!

Bye bye yoga@albedo.net

Hello yogachantalle@gmail.com

I am sorry for any confusion as I switch over!!! Please feel free to call me!!!

519 836-6075 (land line!!!)

Holy daze!!!


I’m taking a wee break from teaching yoga.  No classes from December 19 – January 1.

Gonna spend some time with these cuties over the holy daze!  We are gonna make some gingerbread houses, open some presents (I’m especially excited about one in particular), visit family, and probably watch movies and shows.  I’m hoping for some sledding and ice skating.  So I would like a bit of snow!

I hope that you have time to get cozy with those you love.

I look forward to spending more time with you in the New Year!!!

IMG_20181128_144046_971USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_MSGR_PHOTO_FOR_UPLOAD_1543419185962.jpg_1543419190339I definitely have a lot of fun before, during, and after yoga!  Come join some of the awesome!  Maybe the Wednesday morning class with a smoothie?  Maybe a mama baby class?  Maybe my Monday night drop in?