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Are you joining on online class with me? Here is what do you need to do to join my online classes?

Download zoom on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Then create your profile. Zoom is free!

You can then e-transfer me for the session at Please also send me an email so I can send you the link to join the class/ “meeting”. For my international students you can pay with PayPal.

Click the zoom link 10 or 15 minutes before class to get settled in. You will find me at least 15 minutes before the class starts so we can check in.

Classes are held in Ontario so the time is EDT. But the cool thing is you can join from anywhere. I am hoping there is a time slot that works for you!

Monday Night Yoga is held at Knox Presbyterian Church, downtown (use back entrance).

Outdoor classes are being held at the Arboretum!

I met Chantelle when I was pregnant with my first (and only) child. My physiotherapist recommended that I go to yoga during my pregnancy to prevent injuries throughout my pregnancy, prepare for the birth, and to keep active. I had never been to yoga and I was highly skeptical. I thought it would be filled with chanting of ‘umm’s and ahhh’s’. As a former athlete I wasn’t sure that yoga was for me. When I showed up for my first class I introduced myself and informed Chantelle of my skepticism. Tough crowd! To my pleasant surprise Chantelle’s class was a mix of relaxation, stretching, strength training, and body movements that challenged me. I continued to study with Chantelle throughout my pregnancy literally up until the day I gave birth. My son and I enjoyed Parent and Peanut classes with her during my maternity leave. Now many years later, my baby is no longer a baby, I continue to enjoy the weekly balance Chantelle offers to mind, body, and soul. She’s delightfully witty, kind, and thoughtful. I consider her to be both my yoga mentor and friend.”  Samantha Lyn