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I met Chantelle when I was pregnant with my first (and only) child. My physiotherapist recommended that I go to yoga during my pregnancy to prevent injuries throughout my pregnancy, prepare for the birth, and to keep active. I had never been to yoga and I was highly skeptical. I thought it would be filled with chanting of ‘umm’s and ahhh’s’. As a former athlete I wasn’t sure that yoga was for me. When I showed up for my first class I introduced myself and informed Chantelle of my skepticism. Tough crowd! To my pleasant surprise Chantelle’s class was a mix of relaxation, stretching, strength training, and body movements that challenged me. I continued to study with Chantelle throughout my pregnancy literally up until the day I gave birth. My son and I enjoyed Parent and Peanut classes with her during my maternity leave. Now many years later, my baby is no longer a baby, I continue to enjoy the weekly balance Chantelle offers to mind, body, and soul. She’s delightfully witty, kind, and thoughtful. I consider her to be both my yoga mentor and friend.”  Samantha Lyn