Join me over zoom and commit to 31 days of yoga!! Let’s explore ourselves through this wonderful practice of breath and movement. Find yourself on your mat every day for 31 days and see what magic happens. It is your science experiment! I do believe that you will find more strength and more joie de vivre as we move through this month together!

30 days of Yoga over “the zoom

April 1 – April 30

Awaken with the crocuses! A spring yoga journey to revitalize, invigorate, and restore!

Join me for a zoom adventure in the early morning? YES!!! We can do it!

Getting up early in the spring is sweet. There is more light! The birds will be making more songs! And so can we! Come experiment with me! Let’s see what happens

Classes will be a combination of 22 live classes and 8 pre-recorded classes (or something like that!). Live classes will be recorded with the intent that you might play with them within 24 hours (if you missed the livestream). Most classes will be one hour long, but some of the pre-recorded classes will be shorter so you can experience different lengths of practice/play time. Most classes will be Chantalle style playful and invigorating, but I will be including a few days of restorative yoga as well! The recordings from this monthlong can be downloaded to your computer if you like; they will also be available on the cloud for a number of months (or until I run out of cloud space!)

I am so excited to spend a month with you!

your investment is 280$

Live classes will be held over zoom from 6: 15 am – 7: 15 am

email me at to register.

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