zoom morning yoga series

join me for some morning yoga this fall

ENJOY THE AMAZING benefits of a guided daily practice

Join from anywhere (with internet or a great data plan!!! 😉 )

****Classes will be recorded daily and the zoom link will be emailed to you daily!!!****

October 19 – 23

6:15 am – 7:15 am


November 16 – 20

6:15 am – 7:15 am


want to sign up for both weeks? (115$ for you 😉

classes will be held over ZOOM!!!

 To register simply send me an email or give me a call!!!  yogachantalle@gmail.com    (519) 831-2140  

“My first yoga experience with Chantalle was a private class that I won in a silent auction. Lucky me! I am really shy so it took some courage to go and do it. Favourite moment was being upside down on those chairs. Sounds intimidating? It totally wasn’t. More to the point, I felt great when I left there & I had a great time.

I started attending Chantalle’s week long morning yoga sessions a few years ago. After the first one I was hooked. Why? Let me count the ways.
1) Picture the stereotype of the yoga instructor that so many comedy skits are made of? This is not Chantalle she is, funny, completely without pretention and her reverence for yoga is honest, real and approachable.
2) You know how we aren’t supposed to care what other people think when we are doing yoga but c’mon, we do. If you have transcended beyond that congratulations, if you haven’t…in these classes everyone uses the props (like blocks and straps) because they are helpful. Everyone has a different body and is at a different place and something about Chantalle’s attitude really makes you care about how it feels to you, not how it looks to the slimmer more flexible lady behind you. I swear this is true.
3) Doing yoga in the morning is awesome. Sharing that waking super early morning misery, stretching gently, laughing with the great people who go to that class, challenging some muscles, setting intentions and taking time for myself makes me feel really good. I am less stiff, stronger, happier, more energetic and I think more clearly.
4) Smoothies. If all that wonderfulness isn’t enough you go home with a Chantalle made raw smoothie every day. They are full of healthy stuff and they are very tasty. (This I also swear is true) She even made me my own special ones when I had very specific dietary restrictions one week.
If that isn’t convincing enough, let me tell you; I love my bed more than most things in the world. Something has to be pretty special to make me leave it at the most delicious time of the day for being in bed. I look forward to the next session more than I look forward to the Saturday sleep in when it’s done for the week. These yoga classes are that special.” Kelly Guthrie