I has been teaching pre and post natal yoga classes since I was pregnant with my first daughter over 16 years ago.  (can you believe I have a teenager?) Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga; it is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen as our bodies change.   It is a perfect class for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner.  Many women enjoy meeting new mamas and sharing stories.  These classes are all about loving ourselves.  They are about supporting one another!  I acknowledge the wildness of motherhood which includes the joys and the sorrows!  Yoga is a wonderful place to be during the wildness of these times!  These classes are about being patient with ourselves as our lives change and we grow into motherhood.join anytime!


To register simply send me an email or give me a call!!!  yogachantalle@gmail.com    (519) 831-2140   

Pregnancy Yoga

Due to Covit-19 and the state of emergency I am unsure of when I will be able to offer in class sessions or when they might begin. In the meantime I am teaching online zoom classes drop in style. check out my zoom schedule for details (class times might differ from those below) and please send me an email with any questions or concerns.


5:30 – 6:30pm

Classes are held at Flo Studio: 260 Waterloo Avenue in Guelph

“I was blessed to meet Chantalle when she was pregnant with her second baby and was looking for a doula. I got to know her as a strong, wise and loving person and witness her gentle mothering spirit. When I became pregnant with my 3rd baby, I was more than excited to sign up for Chantalle’s prenatal yoga class. Each class was like a mini-retreat. Chantalle creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, always inviting us mamas-to-be to let go of worries or thoughts of the day and just be present with our babies. She is skilled at adapting yoga positions to accommodate the different sizes, comfort levels and pregnancy issues that each person brought to the table, while still challenging us to explore new sensations. Chantalle incorporates labour and birthing positions into the class, allowing us to try things out and gain strength to draw upon in labour. She shares her woman’s wisdom, always with humour, never with judgment. This was more than just a yoga class – it was a space to celebrate our blooming bodies, connect with other women, and learn. I always felt powerful, relaxed and refreshed after yoga with Chantalle, and I would recommend her class to anyone without hesitation.”
Meredith Ballaban doula, and yoga teacher

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