summer yoga

I will be offering two WEEKLONG morning yoga series this summer!

Join me for 6 days of YOGA IN A ROW! Let’s move and groove in the summer morning air!

July 26 – July 31 (Monday to Saturday)

August 16 – August 21 (Monday to Saturday)

72$ per week

120$ for two weeks (pre-payment is necessary)

For folks living in Guelph Smoothies (vegan and full of awesome) will be available for porch pick up: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5$ per smoothie.

The rest of the summer I will be playing in my garden, swimming in some waters (fingers crossed I can visit my parents), and twirling in the forest! I will be reading books and doing my own practices. Summers has become family time and break time for me over the last number of years. It is where I reset! It is where I refuel. I hope you all have the most amazing summer that is possible for you!

I will have more classes available in September online and who knows what else may be permissible! Stay tuned!