Deep gratitude

This is me. I am feeling very blessed.

I have spent the past 10 months teaching yoga to so many amazing people. Thank you!!! You know who you are!

My classes really range in age. Very young people. (in the womb kinda young). To much older than that people. Basically from 0-70 (ish). Lovely lovely people beautiful people. And I am so thankful. I love yoga. And laughing. And sharing the combination with you.

I am about to take my summer holidays. So here are a few images of some of the classes I have had the pleasure of teaching. Next year I’ll attempt to take a few photos of my adult classes too!!! Cause clearly I have a thing for taking the photos with the babies!! And from these you wouldn’t know that I have other classes too!

I look forward to September to begin it all again. So much so that my fall schedule is already up and ready to see!!!!

post yoga smoothie drinking and selfie taking!

Big big love

Happy summer adventures. May you enjoy some beaches, some yummy treats, and some quality time with people you love.

Chantalle xo