Here are some of the lovely things that folks have shared with me about their experiences in my classes, or on my retreats.  Don’t rely on what others say though, come and give my classes a try.  There are lots of fabulous yoga teachers in this town!  Go out, explore, and find out who is right for you!  So much love on your journey.  xo Chantalle

Chantalle was an excellent instructor. I’d rate her 5 stars on all platforms if I could. 
Chantalle came to our outdoor event and using the space she crafted a beautiful yoga experience for a bridal shower party of ten. She was responsive, accommodating, thoughtful and very pleasant to work with. Can’t wait to invite her to our next yoga event! Evin Lachance  

Good morning my beautiful friend. 
I enjoyed this morning’s yoga class so very much.  It brought me joy.  I love love love pigeon, so thank you for that.  I also loved starting with a downward dog.  It met all my needs and I am grateful.  Shanan Cunnington

I am learning that Yoga With Chantalle is not just to take care of my body, is not just for when I have space in my schedule, is not just about becoming stronger, more flexible, and happier.  Yoga with Chantalle is also a magic elixir…  her community, classes, guidance and care can be a huge support even during the most painful, lonely and challenging of times.  — JT

I was relatively new to yoga when I was introduced to Chantelle’s drop in classes. I was inspired and motivated by Chantelle’s gentle way of leading the group through the evening. We were all varied levels of practice yet the open and inclusive way she brought us together was beautiful. It is easy to see why people return week after week, year after year to Chantelle’s very successful practice. Success measured by the attention and joy of those who participate.  Michael Georgie
Chantalle is absolutely one of the kindest, most generous, and genuine people I have ever known. I met Chantalle when I got pregnant with my daughter and signed up for prenatal yoga classes. These classes were incredible for me as a new mom to be. I was able to stay active during my pregnancy but also gain confidence from her that I would succeed at this whole motherhood thing. After having my daughter I went to Chantalle’s mama and baby yoga classes. It was really hard for me to get out of the house after having a baby and Chantalle’s class couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for me to help with the anxiety. Having a group of women going through the same stage of life together in one place was so helpful for me. Every baby could be as loud or quiet as they wanted and there was never any judgment. Chantalle was also always willing to cuddle a baby (or three!) to help a mama out. The class also helped me get active again, and Chantalle offered modifications and alternatives to make sure each mama was comfortable. Chantalle genuinely cared about every single one of us and I say this beautiful mantra to myself daily, that I learned from her: “I am the best mama that I know how to be, and that is enough.” ❤️Amanda Follett, yoga class participant
I could not have been more fortunate to have Chantalle as my first yoga teacher. She taught me to notice that all bodies have different abilities (even our own from side to side or day to day). This notion of self acceptance has been instrumental in my health and well-being ever since. One of the most profound moments I’ve experienced occurred in her class when we noticed what happens when we let fear (or others’ fears) stop us from progressing in life. Hers is the voice in my head welcoming me to “wibble and wobble” and to play.
Andrea Wyshniowsky
I started taking Chantalle’s classes a little over seven years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest. I loved her prenatal class so much for the movement, the silliness, the way she me see my pregnant swelling body in new ways and helped me love my body and myself for everything it was. In her prenatal class, my husband and I were able to have the most beautiful moment where we shared our fears and excitement over becoming parents. Over the last seven years, I’ve attended prenatal, mama and baby, toddler classes and some private classes at her home. Chantalle has always been so supportive of my family and I, she has helped make me a stronger and more confident woman, partner and mother. She has also given me a mantra that I try to use frequently with myself and my children that has allowed me to believe in and love myself more fully. Chantalle is a beautiful soul who sees the wonder in the world around her. I feel very blessed to call her my friend.  Natalie Ghol
I first started attending yoga with Chantalle when I was pregnant with my daughter and it quickly became the highlight of my week. Physically, yoga was exactly what I needed to soothe my pregnancy aches and pains. Chantalle’s calming presence and affirmations also made for the calmest I felt during my pregnancy, and made me the most capable of quieting my anxieties about pregnancy and labour. I kept going to  classes until the day before I went in to labour!
We continued attending after my daughter was born. Note to mamas – start going as soon as you can! Yoga before your baby can crawl is a lot less stressful! That being said, I loved having yoga to attend with my daughter as it was a safe and entertaining space for her but it was mostly for me, my physical and mental health, which when your life is so centred around caring for an infant is such a valuable experience. Chantalle is always happy to pick up a grouchy baby and all the mamas at yoga feel comfortable nursing, bottle feeding, diaper changing and being crawled on by lots of babies. I can’t recommend yoga with Chantalle highly enough, and I know I’ll keep attending baby yoga, and then start toddler yoga, and hopefully start all over again with prenatal yoga one day!
Hilary Straus

Private Yoga With Chantalle…For years, I have so enjoyed laughing and shaking and collapsing and relaxing in Chantalle’s early morning yoga classes.
I thought being the sole focus of attention in a private class would be scary. Turns out, it isn’t. Chantalle is so warm and so funny and so intuitive and smart!!  Time with her offers up a beautiful space….. to laugh and cry freely … to be really heard … to be guided.. to be loved just as I am, just where I am at… and to be offered just what I need in that time.I am learning so much from these special classes about my body and my whole self, too. Private yoga with Chantalle hits a sweet, sweet spot!!(And if you like fluffy kitten-cats, let her know… completely optional bonus that I so enjoy!)                                                                                Joanne Tofflemire

I attended mommy and me yoga with Chantalle with both my kids. She is great at providing motivation to get in shape, teaching you to love your post baby body and helping recover from child birth. She is also wonderful with the babies!  Ayesha Sarangi-McKee

Me and my peanut did a Mama and Baby yoga class with Chantalle, when he was about 6 months old…it was a wonderful reason to get out of the house in the middle of a cold, cold winter!  From premie to crawler, she handled each babe with ease and created a wonderful space with a relaxed structure. You could work at your own level and stop to feed or cuddle your babe whenever wanted…or she would cuddle your babe for you, if you really just wanted to get your yoga on.  It was a wonderful lesson in learning to work your new babe into your yoga routine…and she makes a mean vegan cheesecake!
 Kellyn Hough

I have been greatly enjoying Chantalle’s drop-in yoga classes and morning intensive sessions for several years. I really came into my own practice of yoga after taking a series of private classes with Chantalle. Through these, Chantalle took the time to help me discover some new poses, bring more attention to some poses I had already learned, and really helped me develop the confidence to build my own routine practice of yoga. I travel a lot for my work and have trouble committing to regular classes during busy times, so these private classes were a real help to keep me on track, motivated, and enjoying a daily practice of yoga. I would encourage anyone looking for some great one-on-one instruction to try a private class and see what can work for you.
Christina Clark

Let me tell you how much I enjoyed morning yoga with you! It added such a bright spot to my day, all week long. I always get so much from the intensives with you and while the time in between can be longer than I like, please know that I truly and deeply appreciate your offering chances to become involved, like with your early morning yoga. Also, the chocolate/spirulina was delish! Thanks so much,
Liz G

With Chantalle, yoga is love. Love, for me, means allowing. Yoga with Chantalle is one of the best places in town to allow love and compassion to find you through greater awareness of the breath and the body. As with everything, the more you give, the more you receive. Chantalle is a blessing to the community.
Donna, artist and healer

Hello Chantalle!
I don’t know if you remember me, I only took one week of classes with you.. a morning series a couple months ago.. .my name is Shalon and I used to live in Guelph, and I have also bought greens from you at the market!! I just moved to Vancouver, where I am taking a yoga teacher training program.. I have recurringly been feeling inspired to write you an email telling you how amazing I think you are as a teacher.. (I’m sure personally as well.. ) I have been to a lot of classes with different teachers, and I absolutely LOVE your style. I really feel that you incorporate the spiritual component of yoga that many classes lack.. which is what I yearn for the most in a yoga class.. You have such a gentle, caring and open approach and I really learned a lot from you even in that one week of classes. . The YTT program I am taking is very challenging… on many levels.. I am learning a lot about a lot.. I am glad you are a teacher in this world .. a true teacher that is.. a real teacher. . Thank You!!
shalon w-h

Chantalle creates a beautiful space for connection in her yoga classes. She invites you to explore and challenge yourself and greet what you find with acceptance, strength, and compassion. Her knowledge of alignment and posture have deepened my understanding of the poses and her playful attitude has inspired me to meet difficulties with joy and interest both on and off the mat. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity her classes have given me to grow and stretch in every way.
Christina Kinsbury

Having studied yoga with a number of teachers i can honestly say that Chantelle is one of the most dedicated, loving, compassionate people i know, forever striving to enhance the well being of her students and all those around her by living the yogic path to its fullest. Chantelle creates a welcoming atmosphere where both beginner and experienced yoga practitioners equally feel at home. Her teaching style is imbued with humor, honesty, wisdom and most of all patience. Anyone who has the opportunity to take classes with this wonderful person should consider themselves most fortunate.
Jerome Giovinazzo

I loved attending pregnancy yoga with Chantalle. Stretching and strengthening helped prepare me for labour. Yoga was a very powerful tool in keeping my mind in tune with my body during labour and really kept me focused. Chantalle’s thoughts and mantras always stuck in my head! Who would have thought that “whoosh” would be so helpful during delivery. Baby Mama Yoga is also a favourite class of mine. Interacting with my new little one, other babies and mamas was terrific. My first son learned to crawl by watching an older baby during our sessions.
Fiona Armbruster

I have had the pleasure of attending classes with Chantalle for almost three years now. Classes are intimate, supportive, and filled with humor. I particularly enjoy the way yoga and meditations are blended for a challenging yet relaxing experience. Chantalle really gets to know her students and finds ways of making each class fit everyone’s particular needs. Chantalle has a way of challenging you to meet your own limitations with grace and humor. I highly recommend taking a morning class with Chantalle, her energy and love will stay with you all day long.
Shauna Bloom

With a high stress job and the demands of a busy family, I was looking for something to release stress while at the same time feeling like I was taking some time for myself. Yoga seemed like the right choice. I knew from my gym experience that the instructor would be the most important influence on what I would achieve from practicing yoga and thankfully I found Chantalle. When I first started attending Chantalle’s classes I was pleased to find they were perfect for a beginner. Within a couple of years I was pleased to find they were also perfect for someone with some experience. Chantalle’s ability to teach beginner students and challenge those who have been practicing longer is an extraordinary gift. Be good to yourself, give Chantalle a try. You will be glad you did.
Lorraine Nelson

Chantalle’s Momma-Baby yoga class was truly a wonderful experience for my baby and me during the first year of life. One of Chantalle’s goals was to stretch out aches and tightness that develop when caring for a new baby. At the same time, she taught valuable poses that challenged our bodies as well as benefited the way we carried out our everyday activities. Chantalle’s easygoing nature created a relaxed atmosphere which allowed special opportunities for me to share close one on one time with my daughter and then a few years later again with my son. The positive changes Chantalle inspires in body and mind make for a more patient and loving mom.
Cindy Doern